Upcoming events

Ready for a new start?
Ready for mind recalibrating meditations in the scenery of the Himalayas?
Ready to create a new reality with Meditation, Breathwork, and Yoga?

Our aim is to fuse the experience of the beauty of the Himalayan mountains with modern Yoga & Meditation programs to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

With daily programs of grounding Meditations, balancing Breathwork, and gentle Yoga flows we take you on an inner journey through the Himalayas.

We explore practices of self-reflection and the healing qualities of silent awareness, discovering the art of contemplation and recalibration of the mental constructs that keep us in separation from our true creative potential and overall wellbeing.

Our vision is one of long term where we design and build international sanctuary sites that will generate and recirculate profits back into each of the local communities as well as raise funds for future Zenith projects to evolve.

Our belief that healing arts should be accessible to anybody, regardless of financial situation and social status is why we are creating these events and festivals as fundraisers, as well as form a global community that comes together to learn, exchange and evolve.

The profits generated by our events is circulated back into the local communities with support for charities that are trying to put out their work out there, causes that support humanitarian aid, animal care and environmental programs.

We are just starting out and hope for your support to make this vision come true ❤️??


12 days / 11 nights
1.650 € Early bird
All inclusive
9th to 21st October 2022 & 13th to 25th November 2022
Please contact us for more information ??