In 2015, a vision developed for the Zenith Sanctuary concept, with a clear intention to provide a safe sanctuary environment for all those opening to face and heal their emotional traumas and physical ailments through the science of yoga, breath recalibration techniques and meditational practices as well as provide safe ground for healers of all sorts to recharge, heal, re-center, share their wisdom and connect into a community of light bearers.

Since 2015 the vision has evolved to even greater heights with many minds and ideas becoming entwined into the vision of creating an international Zenith tribe community.

In 2019 we set off on a mission to create the first community space for healers and light workers, with the construction of the first Zenith Sanctuary in the foothills of the Nepali Himalayas

2020 saw a temporary halt to our Zenith Nepal project and the development of our community. Nevertheless, we finished the first construction phase of a yoga studio / accommodation and kitchen on the site.

2021 we started working online and building a community on social media to gather as many teachers as possible to create unique spirit festival experiences in 2022

2022 we plan retreats in Greece, Bali and Nepal with a variety of different healing arts

This Zenith Sanctuary concept is based on these three principles :


  • Generation and recirculation of profits back into local communities and the creation of further community projects and sanctuaries across the globe


  • International community building


  • Local support of humanitarian aid organisations around sanctuary locations
  • Community based management
  • Egalitarian and non hierarchical management structures
  • Purchasing of lands for nature and animal conservation.
  • Barter system and volunteering programs for attendance to all workshops so as to suit all budgets
  • Networking programs
  • Industry support and marketing for all healing arts

We feel that all healing arts each contain a seed of a pure existential truth and a quintessential key to our collective evolution.

Our vision is to create a growing community that combines all the wisdom from these arts into One wisdom, to make this available to all generations and break the loops of delusion, to lift the illusory veils of out dated societal and cultural narratives. A sanctuary, where we all come together to learn, teach and grow in a safe space.

Zenith Sanctuaries are about contribution and service to humanity, in opening and awakening the humble and vulnerable heart of a race and dissolving the walls of separation.

To create this vision we need your input, your minds and hearts, your love and courage, your fearless voice, your visions and intelligence, your soul and light, your power and purpose.

This space is not based on profit margins, but rather on opening the heart and eyes of humanity, to witness the power of compassion driven unity and equality, to once again feel the common trust that strives to thrive, to teach our children to rise into an existence of emotional intelligence, transcend a current fear based and reactive narrative and rise beyond cruelty, violence, emotional and psychological self destruction.

We are hoping to reach as many souls out there through you, so as to help this project evolve; a massive gathering to mark the beginning of our community.





Due to the uncertain nature of these current times we are currently looking to connect with teachers and facilitators that are open to joining us in creating international and local events and in the building process of the Zenith community worldwide.

During the rest of this year we are focussed on gathering a larger community that will help to manifest the projects planned for 2022






– Paid teaching positions during festivals and retreat events 

–  10% Commission per person you bring

– Community marketing of personal events or workshops, classes etc

– Join the Zenith community member section and event calendar on Zenith website

– Support all international members by reposting each other’s retreats / Zenith retreats and events on social media platforms

– Reduced hire rates for retreat holding at Zenith Sanctuaries worldwide locations

– Marketing video footage from each event





– Initial Zoom call meeting to discuss vision alignment and availability

– Contribution in community and audience building on social media 

– Participation in event organisation

– Introduction of affiliation to Zenith Sanctuary on social media platforms and spread the word

– Become active members on project programs