Conscious living trek Nepal

Have you been facing stress and fears in your live lately?

Do you desperately need a break to connect back to your true self?

Are you looking for a fresh start?

Life can become a grind, often leading to patterns and habits that have become deeply imprinted into our subconscious, easily creating a life lacking in self-love or purpose-driven existence.

Come and explore with us the many paths to recalibrating back to a fuller life and a more satisfying expression of who we are. We combine over 20+ years of personal experience in the areas of self-healing and meditation practices.

On this journey, we find ourselves on three planes of self-exploration, one of mental, emotional and physical, another diving deep into the world of breath recalibration and finally into the subconscious parts of our existence through self-awareness and mind recalibrating meditation practices.

The aim of this retreat is to offer you techniques to manage daily stress patterns and discover a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-love. Our programs teach you to gain more clarity in the mental and emotional dealing with everyday life’s challenges. Learn to meet yourself from a point of compassion and cultivate positive self talk to tap into your true power.

We take you on a journey of self-exploration through the arts of Yoga, Breathwork, and various meditation techniques inspired by age-old teachings infused with modern scientific principles.

The majestic environment of the Himalayas offers your senses a journey into the unknown, challenging body and mind along the path.

Learn how to ground yourself and regulate your nervous system to counteract the stress factors of daily life for a more peaceful existence.

Will you join us on a 12-day Conscious Living / Breath Awakening journey to the ceiling of our planet?