In 2015, a vision developed for the Zenith Sanctuary concept, whilst visiting the foothills of the Nepali Himalayas. Initially the concept began with a clear intention to design and offer a safe sanctuary environment for those opening to face and heal their emotional traumas and physical ailments.

With a joint background of yoga, Ayurvedic science, breath recalibration techniques and meditational practices the concept also grew into a vision of providing safe ground for healers of all sorts to come and retreat from daily life, recharge, heal, re-center, share their wisdom and connect into a community of seasoned and equally aspiring healing professionals. This vision is expanding and growing more everyday with every member bringing in a part of their own purpose and service into the process.

2021 is proving to be a bit of a mixed bag of events around the world so our focus is currently on working behind the scenes in the creation of our international community




We are a community of teachers and facilitators across the world bonded with the same intention of building an international network for the promotion and providing of healing arts and a fundraising platform for various humanitarian, animal and environmental programs.

Our vision is one of long term where we design and build international sanctuary sites that will generate and recirculate profits back into each of the local communities as well as raise funds for future Zenith projects to evolve.

Along the path we aim at gathering international members to come in and represent their home soil, create a Zenith environment in their local communities as well as support programs local to them, as per the Zenith vision.




I Generating / circulating money

– Retreats

– Festivals

– Workshops

– Online programs 

– Travel adventures

II Community building

– International member gatherings 

– Support on multi media platforms

– Shared marketing strategies 

– Volunteering programs 

III Support of local organisations 

– Volunteer programs for project development

– Online shops for local products

– Support local charities with fundraiser events

– Work with animal rescue programs




The essence of yoga philosophy and science is a big component of our Sanctuary vision. Moving the body in powerful Yoga flows and static Hatha poses in preparation to achieve a quiet and calm mind, ready to do the real work.  We believe in the power of movement, mind recalibration and breath as a key to healing. Come and explore many different kinds of Yoga with our specialized teachers. Yearly festivals, regular retreats and teacher training courses are in constant planning year round. 

Daily morning and evening classes with various workshops available most days is what we aim to achieve at each site.




 Breath recalibration is one of the most empowering practices for regaining presence in daily attendance to life. Many healing arts and sciences through the ages have used the breath as a tool for returning into the body, out of unconscious mind patterns. With the endless benefits for physical and mental health our breath work becomes the quintessential component to a spiritual unfoldment and healing journey.

Breath workshops and courses will be available from 2022. Find out more and join us in upcoming retreats for this transformational experience




One of the main principles of the Zenith Sanctuary concepts is the give back process into every community we become involved with. Our programs are focussed on supporting local causes with not only fundraising events but also onsite volunteer presence including skill and language training.

The construction of our sanctuaries is an entirely volunteer based effort so we are putting the call out for adventurous, open minded and enthusiastic volunteers to come and help us make each centre a reality. 

If you feel inclined to join us on this visions, please fill in our application and let us know how you think you might fit in to this vision and also a little about your own dreams and aspirations, we welcome you with open arms.

Ever wanted to volunteer on one of our Projects?

We are looking for volunteers who can share such a vision and contribute in whatever skills available to bring this project to light.
Any skills added to this project would be amazing, from any construction related knowledge, interior design, marketing, food creation, Feng Shui, landscaping and anything you feel would contribute. We would love to hear from you.