In our online courses, we bring the arts of movement, breath and meditation  to you at home.

Our progressive workshops will teach you how to use the breath to relieve stress, improve focus and control your body.

Designed for all levels, we’re proud to present our programs taught by Xavier, made for you.

With over a decade of immersion into studies encompassing energy healing, massage and bodyworks, several yoga teacher training courses, various meditation styles, and countless other trainings, Xavier began to uncover a clear vision into the powerful grounding and healing potential that resides in the simple yet deeply empowering act of  breathing and the healing values in self awareness meditation practices.

Today, he’s presenting his knowledge in our courses to improve your health, mobility, strength, mind and body awareness.



With deep pranayama practices we will unlock a flow of energy that helps the practitioner ground and recenter body and mind. Combining gentle movement and breath synchronisation will touch into the nervous system, triggering the deep muscle relaxation, whilst other other more intense practices will engage the core and a deeper breath that results in revitalising the brain function and enteric nervous system connection. Flowing with the breath, you’ll learn different techniques to control your reactive mental/emotional  patterns and open a door to reshaping personal realities.

Here, you’ll experience life altering classes in under 30 min per day. 





These meditation program will give you access to inner peace, induce balance in the nervous system and recalibrate mental activity.

You will learn how to set yourself up for comfortable meditation postures, tap into a space of relaxation that opens a door to connecting body and mind.

Along the way you will also learn to integrate these new found meditation skills to help you manage the natural stress factors we all endure in everyday living.

Filled  with a loads of useful information from scientific research, these courses will help you to build a  understanding into how the body and mind work together in influencing our perception of life, our health and daily choices.

Rewarded with more focus, balance and productivity you’ll manifest your goals faster than ever before. 



Our yoga courses are focused  on taking you deeper into posture alignments using breath focus so as to achieve stable presence in your practice, you will learn to prioritise the breath while you move and equally find centre in static poses. 

By stabilising the breath, the body is also stabilised and subsequently the mind.

Join us on a journey of inner exploration.