Fund Raising / Donations

 We need your help to create this vision.

Largely based on volunteering programs, Zenith Sanctuaries are designed on the principles of recirculating money into local communities and further sanctuary projects across the world so to make spiritual awakening principles available to anyone and everyone from every culture, societal demography and financial standing around the planet.

Essentially a not for profit organisation, Zenith Sanctuaries beginnings largely depend on donations of time and labour, and financial aid for construction material costs until operational.

Stage One (Meditation room and teacher accommodation) is complete and Stage Two underway (Bamboo accommodation building and bathroom/toilet block) with Yoga Shala beginning construction in October 2021.

If you wish to help in the creation of this project, you can either donate your time right here at the sanctuary location or make a donation to help us to buy the materials necessary to achieve completion of our first Zenith Sanctuary in Nepal.

We still need to raise another USD 85000 for functional operations to begin and every dollar will help us achieve our goal.

USD 20 buys

  • One day labour from local trades
  • Two bags of cement and sand
  • 4 x 6 meter structural bamboo poles

USD 50 buys

  • 50 bricks
  • 4 square meters of roofing tin or pine floor boards
  • 20 litres of paint
  • 10 litres of wood varnish
  • 2 internal wooden separation walls

USD 100 buys

  • One tractor load of foundation river rocks
  • Three beds for the dormitory accomodation
  • One week food costs for 5 volunteers
  • 4 square meters of tempered glass

USD 200 buys

  • One kitchen bench top and sink
  • One full set of kitchen utensils
  • One fridge

USD 1000 buys

  • 1 x Organic Sceptic tank
  • Enough Cement to build the industrial kitchen
  • Yoga Shala glazing
  • Yoga shala roofing trusses
  • Half of yoga shala floor boards

Heart felt gratitude for your support.

Love and Light

Zenith community