We all gather here to acknowledge who we are through a shared intention and commitment to grow and support each other through this life.

Zenith Festivals are designed to bring teachers across the world together for the purposes of service and as a tool awareness to what we can create when united.

Each festival serves as a fundraising event for the construction of Sanctuary spaces across the world and for the support of local community programs.

These events offer a multitude of healing art workshops and various speakers that will challenge the mind and heart alike. Not just with Yoga, meditation and healing but also with space for arts, music and food we will create a unique experience.

As an community event, our goal is to have as many like minded people together in a space of safety, acceptance and joy.

We offer volunteer programs for those who would like to be directly involved in the organisation and running of the festivals with many advantages available.


We, the facilitators at Zenith retreats all remember what it was like to attend retreats that were most pleasing and constructed with attention to detail so as to deliver a quality of information and experience that would promote the ideal environment for embodiment to enter its best potential of delivery, no matter what the content.

Our retreats are run by well informed and equally experienced facilitators or teachers; with great focus applied on smooth operations of logistical execution during each event.

The subjects we create within our retreat environments reflect on the various healing that touch in the areas of Yogic practice, Breath exploration and recalibration, several meditation techniques and the mental/emotional aspect of daily existence in modern society.

Taught by experienced and hurtful teachers, we offer a delicious choice of different healing arts to create and individually special experience for those, who want more privacy and direct contact with their teachers.

For more information, take a look at our upcoming retreats