Join us on the journey

We are currently bringing back to life a project in Nepal that found birth in 2015 and a sudden halt due to the big earthquake.

This project began as a vision of two minds, into the passionate creation of a healing sanctuary for practitioners of all types to use in developing their abilities and gifts, teach and enter into a contribution to humanity.

The land is situated in the stunning Himalayan environment, West of Mount Everest, tucked away in a small village at the base of the Annapurna ranges, surrounded by hundreds of acres of local rice fields.

The village is a starting point for many different trekking routes into the Annapurna trekking circuit, ranging from 2-3 days to 20+, jungles and peaks, waterfalls and spectacular wilderness, rafting, canyoning, and thermal pools are just a few of the amazing natural discoveries available in the serene environment of this region.

The vision is to create not only a sanctuary for healers to retreat and heal themselves from a busy world but also a community of aspiring spiritual teachers of all types; an exchange system in the development of skills for new teachers and seasoned alike.

We are looking for volunteers who can share such a vision and contribute in whatever skills available to bring this project to light.

Stage one accomodation and meditation room is now complete and ready to host groups up to 10 students or teachers.

In September and October 2021 begins the first operational program schedule and we would love to see open minded, Love beings willing to join us in creating the next development stages of the centre.

Any skills added to this project would be amazing, from any construction related knowledge, interior design, marketing, food creation, Feng Shui, landscaping, artists to add their soul imprints on our walls or gardens, or anything you feel would contribute. We would love to hear from you.

We will mainly need Love and good vibes to be put into the land, and “no-skills” will fast transform into new skills.

Accommodation and food, yoga practice, Pranayama, and meditation will be provided daily, along with any other skills/gifts willing to be exchanged or shared. (great opportunity for new students to build confidence in practicing new skills).

As a non profit program, any donation for your stay is entirely used for food costs and construction materials, and future Zenith Sanctuary development projects on our Bali and Costa Rica land sites.

Along with our affiliate partner Prana Trekking and Adventures pty ltd we can organise every detail of your trip from the moment you land, all the way to the Sanctuary site at the most advantageous price structures available.

Over the 2 months period three treks into the Himalayan Conservation park will be organised so to suit all levels of physical capacity.

At this stage both dorm and camping accommodation will available to reach 20 attendees at any one time so please make a booking in advance.

Any active/aspiring retreat facilitators are welcome to invest in the financial creation of this centre, with many advantageous returns available via using the centre for their own retreats.


Community Volunteering

Zen to the Zenith Sanctuary is affiliated with various local humanity, animal welfare and nature conservation programs around the region.

Many volunteering positions are organised and connected through the centre including teaching english in orphanage and school environments, women’s skill programs, wildlife sanctuaries and more.

More information coming very soon.