Nepal, the beautiful country in the Himalayas, home of sherpas and yacks, will offer you a life changing experience. The magic of the mountains drives you to go deep within while trekking and our special breath, movement and yoga programs empower you in discovering a more pure version of yourself.

Starting in beautiful Kathmandu, discovering temples and monasteries of the Hindu religion, we move on to Pokhara in the foothills of the Annapurna range to focus more on yoga and breath to get prepared for the upcoming trek.

Ghachok is a small village 19 km East of Nepal’s second largest cities.

Situated on the foothills of the Nepali Himalayan ranges, our Zenith Nepal site brings you into a diversity of surreal natural environments ranging from lush tropical jungle surroundings to rice fields as far as your eyes can see and views onto 8000 meter glacier peaks.

Life is very simple here as we witness local villagers going about their daily farming lives and age old traditions that carry your imagination into a timeless experience.

Our trekking retreats take us deep into the heart of the Himalayan mountains and our own hearts through routes that will erode at the habitual mental patterns that sit deep in the subconscious by challenging the body and imprinted emotions of life.

The senses here are put into overdrive with each new day presenting new sceneries and new environments to explore, and as we stop to rest for a day at a time we engage our existence into various breath and meditation practices, we surrender to the magic of land and bow in to ourselves.

Give yourself a break to breathe

Explore our Zenith  Sanctuaries site in Nepal, where the Himalayan Zenith Eco Lodge welcomes you. 

Placed in the center of the valley of Gahchok with direct view onto the Annapurna, this holiday house is perfectly suited for Yoga and Meditation surrounded by nothing but divine nature.

Equipped with a full kitchen, this studio apartment offers you a perfect space to nurture body, mind and soul.

With Rami, our business partner, and his beautiful family not far away you can look forward to fresh, organic vegetables and rice as well as for fresh milk and organic eggs.


This love affair with the island of Bali began well over a decade ago, the mysterious and powerful frequencies of this land, the lush tropical green jungles, the volcanoes, the endless reef systems and of course he warm and abundant Balinese culture that draws so many soul seekers to these shores year in and year out….

In Bali, we offer beautiful island tours and retreats to discover the magic of the island of gods and go on a deep journey within using yoga, breath and meditation.

In combination with many other activities like jungle walks, surfing, scuba diving and massages, we guarantee divine and life changing experience.

Our Bali Sanctuary site is located in the North Eastern part of the island, on lush tropical sea front land nearby the small fishing village of Amed.

Situated at the base of mount Agung, Bali’s tallest volcano, and surrounded by jungles and local rice fields, the frequencies of this land will take you on a powerful journey of self exploration in a space designed to offer the full experience in switching off from daily life and in giving back to body, mind and spirit alike.

With the natural surroundings and reefs system right at our front door, you will commune with nature through our retreats, visiting jungles and waterfalls, explore the beautiful reefs of Amed bay and meditate in a natural stillness rare to find today.

The 5 acres of Zenith Sanctuary land belong to the local village community so as we work together on this project you will get to encounter and meet the warm hearted and simple living balinese people of Bali and experience their traditions along the way; you will learn how to cook traditional balinese cuisine the old fashioned way, participate in bamboo workshops, discover their vibrant culture and take part in offering ceremonies to their many gods and so much more.

Our accomodation design is based on traditional Balinese bamboo design “Joglo” houses and are strategically placed on the property to offer optimal privacy and the right environment for restful sleep.



Based in the center of the beautiful mediterranean sea, surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, we find ourselves on the island of Kythira, 200 km away from Athens.

Kythira island, Western Greece, a very unique land still largely untouched by modern day development and blessed with powerful frequencies.

The stillness here is mind stopping, with endless views over the Mediterranean sea and the surrounding terraces that carry centuries of yester-habitations and stories that go back to the time of gods.

Until construction begins on this site our retreats are drenched in dreamy landscape discoveries and nature explorations filled with land and sea meditation and an abundance of yoga adventures.

Here, provided with delicious local cousins, we follow a schedule of yoga, breath and meditation while visiting the most beautiful spots of the island and enjoying nature fully.

With trips to Kapsali and Potamos, we discover the local culture and so come to a full experience of this Greek island.

Placed in nice hotels, we offer the full package with accommodation, transport and food to give you the best experience possible

Are you ready to relax?