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The bliss of life

The bliss of life…..

Driven by the senses, our entire existence, every experience becomes stored inside our nervous system, imprints of every biochemical secretion once triggered by what we touch, see, smell, hear…..

Every story imprinted as a memory forever available to the subtle parts of the brain.

Little may we realise of the subtle processes that run our existence in the background every second of everyday; a sound perceived afar, wether perceived consciously or not , holds the power to dig up an old memory imprint within the subconscious and momentarily take us back into a full physical experience of this moment, a passing daydream of sort that is lived out internally.

This is how the unconscious parts of the brain perform all the time, and much the same goes with the other senses; a scent, an atmospheric pressure, a butterfly fluttering its wings in front of your eyes, a vibrant colour that takes you back to an instant of past…..

Memories of all sorts ready to send you back into the exact same hormone secretion that was experienced in a past moment…..

When the memories are pleasant, pleasing, that’s great, beautiful, bliss on tap….but when an unconscious memory is not so well imprinted in bliss, we still get to experience the same magnitude of physical experiencing via the body, and subsequently our emotions…..bliss or anxiety; the roller coaster of life, unpredictable mood fluctuations arise and the world can change from one moment to another, our vision narrows, colours change, our posture readjusts and a different face may even appear, regardless of the frequency within this moment.

This process is quite natural and impossible to escape although a portal does exist where these unstable patterns can be settled to some degree and be replaced by something that the busy mind constructs resist with incredible effort at first: simple and uncomplicated joyful presence.

The mind will resist at first because the mind, to some degree, cannot stop functioning, reacting, as the body and brain never cease to interact with each other through the constantly active sense receptors; a perpetual loop of informational processing between brain and body.

This joyful presence I mention is like a muscle that needs to be built for strength and muscle memory.
Initially the process will require a conscious recalibration of habitual (subconscious) functions but over time the dormant parts of the brain will come to accept this new process of detachment from either attachment to “positive” or “negative” unconscious triggers and a new sense of stable existence will transform into new imprints of new ways to experiencing life….. a state of observation rather than erratic reactivity.

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Soul Love
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