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The childs light

#Authenticity will require a facing of #death; a relinquishing of the #world for a brief while, a path one walks alone so to #remember the #love that once and still pervades the realms of selfless self, an acknowledgement of #worthiness and Love through a dense passage of unworthiness and unloving ways.

A #death of the lamenting and hurting, suffering inner child, and the rebirth, a #transformation back into #innocence; the innocence of the #divine child.

A realm where life itself is the conspirator of #aliveness and #freedom, where the child requires not to be anything else but here, here and now, infused into the #purity of #presence, freed, liberated from all #competition and #comparison, from any need to prove its own existence to the world….

Born into #intelligence, bred into #ignorance, this child will soon carry the #light of the world with ease and impregnate life into the suffering of humanity but first the child will need to meet the world face to face with a fierce and #fearless #heart and overcome loneliness through the path of aloneness so to finally meet the illusions and delusions of separateness.

Words will become meaningless and worthless while the heart begins to #awaken and a new language, a new existence begins to grow.

Many will be drawn to this child’s light because deep within, woman and man have longed after their home, and she, she is home, she is the way, she is the path, she is not whole because she is the holder of the parts, she is the #reflection of nothingness and purity….she is you.