Where the project goes…

Taking the time to step back and creating space for the weary mind to rest in today’s unpredictable world is perhaps more important then ever previous.

We are finding ourselves working in the background for now, adjusting our plans and energy to new conditions but we do have plenty of fundraising retreats and festival plans ( to be announced very soon ) for 2022 in Mexico, Nepal and also Greece with the possibility of Costa Rica as well…..

Our projects are about creating a global community that focusses on generating international spiritual events where profits are recirculated into local communities and future Zenith projects as well as in the creation of a support network for healers and teachers of all healing arts across the planet.

Our targets are to build safe space sanctuaries where community members can develop and share their skills, extend and receive love whilst also experiencing the giving back to those unable to afford the costs of healing or training alike around their own communities.

Please stay tuned for more information; we are refurbishing the website right now but there is plenty of info to give an idea of what we are about, feel free to go and explore around here.

Hope to see you at one of our events soon or to greet you as a Zenith member or ambassador.

Much love and many blessings.

Zenith tribe ❤️