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So, the quality of everything, every thought, word and action is somewhat dependant on the quality of our breath; the depth, reach, length, placement, awareness, consciousness…
On a physiological level, the breath is a current that interlinks the functions of the body with biochemical messaging.
The breath, the endocrine and nervous systems work hand in hand with the receptivity of the senses; like an energy wave that adapts in frequency from one organ to another so to transform into the appropriate pulse of functional drive to connect into ONE unified intelligence.
Deep conscious breathing increases the susceptibility to the senses and therefore holds the power to ground mind activity and form deeper neuro pathway development.
Shallow and restricted breath causes fragmentation of the thought patterns, which in turn creates confusion in the receptivity of the information gathered through the senses, subsequently detracting from the appropriate hormone flow and eventual draining of life force through the stressing of the nervous system and conflicting nerve impulse messaging….erratic mind, erratic emotional reactivity; unconscious decision making and susceptibility to impulsive reactivity.
All this sounds complex perhaps, though through an applied practice of conscious awareness in breath, the body’s intelligence has the capacity to lead, recalibrate, adapt, stabilise and consolidate the mental/emotional connectivity all on its own.
Conscious breathing techniques are very easy to implement into our lives, wherever, or whenever we choose; at the office, at home, in presence of others….anywhere, anytime.
The amazing transformations that take place through these practices literally change the way we live and feel, communicate and love ourselves and others equally, not to mention the Increased clarity and peace, happiness and the renewed outlook on life…
A renewed love in your relationships to life, and your soul partners; a whole new world opens up through the simple act of conscious breathing.

Come and join us on a mind and heart opening retreat in Bali,Nepal, Costa Rica or Greece in 2021!

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