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Just 5 minutes every day

Anger is so good at making one vulnerable to misinformation and paranoia patterns, as an unconscious addiction to the subtle collective frequencies of fear and lack, of not being good enough nor having enough, resulting in emotional disarray and struggle to nurture self love.
A daily dose of heart coherence meditation practice does recalibrate the brain’s neural networks that have become etched into subconscious low frequency mental and emotional patterns and can therefore reverse the polarity charge in the nervous system and subsequently triggers a delicious sense of ecstasy experienced by attaining simple presence, aka Love.

In this grounded heart presence the state of homeostasis is induced,the busy mind released, muscles relax, breath deepens…..a gentle secretion of pleasure and happy hormones, free and unoccupied bliss…..

Even just 5 minutes every now and then should do it, a daily recalibration into peace and clarity……

Soul Love ❤️
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