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Where do we go next?

The incredible dialogue of #life.

Every thought, every #emotion and every deed is subtly interwoven into the #collective #mind of #humanity.

Everything we buy into, everything we share of ourselves becomes a silent contribution in the collective #reality that shapes our existence as a race.

Every time we neglect to question what doesn’t sound or feel right to us, we feed and consolidate as a collective #truth……

The medias, society, religion, politics, other’s words or opinions etc….

We lose a little more each time of our unique and beautiful individuality in creation and contribution, when we allow ourselves to be led into conformity and unfortunately mediocrity, we dim our power by unconsciously giving it away to the world.

The power of free thought is the power of #conscious creation, whilst the oppression and suppression of free thought and uniqueness is a detriment to our current existence as a race, so often barely standing in our true #expression, and in the process diminishing the beauty of human creative potential.

Famine, poverty, inequality we may be able to ignore for some time but when we eventually get to meet grief and suffering within our immediate surroundings, something calls for each of us to feel and take notice of the true scale of humanity’s dysfunction.

We may follow the “positive thinking” movement for a while, temporarily tricking the mind into alleviating this underlying sense of culpability that forever lingers in the pits of our heart, the inescapable connectedness we have with one another.

We may trick ourselves into thinking we have not contributed toward the suffering of others, but every single time we ignore the pain of another, we become a little more numb to our own pain and the cycle continues…

This subtle connection we experience with everyone around us, the world, the planet, brings is into an eerie reflection of what we have collectively created all around us….

So we often struggle to endure this world as we experience it, self medicate however we can out of self protection, drowning the reality of where we stand today; we silently feed and empower the decisions that keep destroying the planet, unknowingly supporting a system that keep the poor struggling, that blinds us to seeing a helpless parent witness her child die from starvation, for racial segregation and annihilation to silently continue.
All this through generational pass down of this emotional numbness and blindness…..

Yes, my posts can be very dark at times but I’m not here seeking popularity or approval from anyone.
My deeper intentions are to bring about an opening for honest awareness to surface so we can rise and do better, JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!!!!
I see blissful ignorance, avoidance, even aversion to a reality that will not simply disappear with “positive thinking or affirmations”, I see denial of realities that breed wars, all sorts of conflict that perpetuate suffering, poverty and deeper closure within ONE humanity, an imbalance that has often been made not only legal, but even pushed onto younger generations like a drug pusher does in schools.
What saddens me most when I feel into the suffering of our collective is the un-lived, suppressed potential unique soul expression and for the uniting of love that is overpowered by greed and the unconscious use of power, both on personal and equally global levels.
We are so much better, stronger, brighter, more powerful than what we contribute today, we are an unlimited force of creation…..
Where do we go next?