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The power of meditation

#Meditation for me is like a habit that needs to progressively transform into an imprint of familiarity and #safety, #trust….

So many years have I relied on my #mind to analyse and dissect each #life moment based on past experience when making decisions, plans or interaction and that’s ok but the unconscious mind has many limitations and can often be destructive in many ways ,as without some conscious awareness the mind tends to cling more to past experiential scenarios that created pain and a story that often develops into closure and deep rooted patterns of fear for various reasons.

With its limited ability to trust life and each moment, the mind fiercely protects and creates stories of diminished existence and delusions that justify self destructive thought patterns or actions and separation from any other truth that doesn’t match the subconscious fear states.

For me, meditation begins with very simple practices of self awareness through the observation of the communication between mind activity and body reactivity.

Each morning begins with sitting in silent and honest reflection on where my emotions sit upon waking up, a very important step in my rituals before engaging the day and my activities.

Some days are great, with blissful peace surfacing the moment my eyes open, whilst some others can be quite dark for no obvious reasons.

Both states are as important as the other, as opportunities to consolidate a practice of simple observation and becoming aware of the triggers that subconsciously develop an attachment to either positive or negative feelings.

Developing trust and comfort in simply sitting with one’s flux of emotions opens a door to further developing an awareness of the unconscious and often paranoid tendencies of the conditioned mind.

I often imagine the unconscious mind (dormant ego) as a protective parent with loving but also controlling nature, well intentioned but more destructive than supportive and the “me” as the inner child striving to break free and open to the magic and beauty of the moment… inner power conflict that creates so much pain and perpetual suffering.

So developing a safe ground for both to reconnect and interact in harmony (daily meditation) is where the practice of self awareness can slowly and naturally become a new way of existence, for the crippling veils of illusion to gradually dissolve, wether on or off the yoga mat or meditation cushion.

Some call it the inner work, I see it more as inner love or reunification/defragmentation of self.
For me meditation is not about seeking to hide from or eliminate the mind but more to create a space for love to push though into each moment and heal the fearful inner parent and equally hurting child-within through presence, and for the story to finally be seen as it is; not rejected but infused into the clarity of light, moment to moment.
First I must get to know, befriend the body, then the mind so to welcome in the wisdom of spirit.
Maybe liberation begins when we can listen only with our ears, see only with our eyes, feel sensations through the body, and learn to observe thoughts……
It’s a practice for sure that belongs both on the meditation mat and also in the midst of daily chaos….

Know thyself and the healing begins…..