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The challenge of facing discomfort within a relationship

Maybe the greatest challenge is to face the discomfort of the accumulated life story when we Interweave our #vulnerable #being with that of our #lover.

They are the mirrors that reflect the love and the hatred we hold in our deepest layers, this astounding force that tirelessly burns through the body’s emotional imprints, the pain and #fear energetically stored over the years in each nerve cell… energetic charge in constant mutation, motion, electrical and chemical transformations that emits a unique #frequency of a personal reality.

Drawn to a particular and unique connection in another, an ever shifting polarity gives us the pull, the draw to this chosen one so to potentially witness what stands in the way of facing the shadows of our human existence, the addictions to a story of lack, fear, victimisation and pain all around.

This divine gift of Love is also a gift of transformation into a higher state of #awakening.

In removing a story comes the path of discomfort as we gradually dissolve every bit of entrenched energy signature of the past on our way forward and up toward lighter frequencies.

Releasing the accumulated emotional density will include the tendency to project our surfacing pain back onto the one offering us that gift of reflection….pure energy transforming around the body, creating havoc just like the struggling drug addict sobering up and out of a dream state.

The mind is powerful and holds the capacity to instantly shift the nervous system from one polarity into the other so upon feeling the rush of our body chemistry changing, remember this:
Anger aka fear aka hurt aka pain/discomfort reactivity are nothing but a chemical reaction to emotional imprints of PAST experiences traveling through the body, into the brain, releasing a “hit” of neurotransmitters that we’ve become accustomed to and have shaped into our perception of normalcy.

There stands a brief moment of opportunity (before becoming entirely intoxicated by this “hit”) to instantly reverse the all-so familiar and subconscious habit of reactivity….

Finding the presence and courage to simply say “I love you” at this precise point holds the innate power to shift the brain into a whole new direction of neurotransmitter secretion, switching from the sympathetic (fight/flight) to the parasympathetic (rest/digest/love) nervous systems and reconnecting back into our heart space and that of our lover.

It’s not easy, nor is it possible at times but with practice, it gets easier…

This is where we may transcend fear into presence, into dissolution of mental and physical imprinted scars from past, where the story is rewritten…..

Be brave and rise through the discomfort….what comes next you will not regret.


Soul Love