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Get out of your head and into your heart

By the time most will we get to 40 they will have experienced most of what life has to offer in the sense of interaction with an average life, others and the outer world….
We will have pursued a career, managed finances, partaken in being heartbroken or breaking hearts, faced a lot of fears, contributed in some ways to a societal program, maybe traveled or parented children and much more.
“Mid life crisis”, for most people out there is when the experiential/existential part is slowed down by automatic repetition of adopted rhythm/life patterns, settled into what we’ve made to “work” for us.
We will have most likely embodied most of what now forms our story/ personality (personal reality),experienced both sides of the coin with many things and formed preferences or judgements to suit the constructed reality of our existence.
If we are present enough, we will be able to use this accumulated experience to create new chapters that enrich our existential truth but it’s not always the case.
Settling into the societal precepts of society can easily lead one (and many) to follow a generalised expectation of what we are to be at this stage of life.
It happens everywhere, in every culture.
I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing but maybe something is often repressed in some way: an individual expression has been tamed to suit societal construct, wisdom of years diluted by social etiquette and a collective story now cemented into past identification.
Often the younger generations are labelled as problematic and disruptive with damaging mannerisms, rebellious behaviours even destructive patterns but maybe we aught to look at what the older generations are doing too!!!
We have created a system that depicts conformity and oblivious repetitive comfort.
We are the current active force of destructive patterns, paving the way for their future.
Destroying the environment with over consumerism, teaching them greed by example, to turn a blind eye to the less fortunate, still largely reacting with indifference to suffering, over producing and wastage of food just to name a few….

We have the experience of years of embodiment and maybe, just maybe they are merely reacting to the current frequency created by their peers….
They are calling for us, begging us to stop polluting their future, destroying the resources they and their children will need, to stop the violence among us, to reinstate equal rights and work together to resolve world issues like famine and poverty.
Maybe they just want a better future.
We all firstly learn from example so just maybe they are merely living out a reflection of the world they live in.
Things are changing bit by bit but are we doing our best????
Is this the best example we have to offer them?
Is it time for us to let the past be the past and overcome our addictions to drama and trauma, to stop pointing the finger at each other and step up into responsible existence?
Enough with “the world owes me” and “I’m not responsible for this”
No one owes me or you ANYTHING!
It is time to each own our choices and unite!!!
Want to stop animal cruelty? Violence? Abuse? Poverty? Destruction?
Then choose to, start with yourself, come out of the box and and ask for a deeper truth; live your life as though every thought, word and action affects every-one and every-thing…..because it does!
How you treat yourself is how you treat the world…
Drown your expression in conformity and you take away from all that connects us all….