Namaste fellow light beings, healers and Lovers of life.

As most of you already know, the Nepal healing and research centre project is slowly taking shape, with construction of the living quarters beginning in late November this year.

This project is designed to become a communal sanctuary for aspiring new healing art teachers to develop and build confidence in their newly acquired certifications, and make a little money to integrate their career into their lives, and in healing contribution to humanity.

Equally, this land will be made available for more seasoned teachers to retreat and re-polarise their energies, and maybe partake in sharing feedback and accumulated knowledge/wisdom to the new teachers.

Workshops will be running all year round, with the space and accommodation available for rent, at very affordable rates, so to be made available for every budget.

Volunteer programs will be running with work-for-accommodation options, making the centre a not for profit community, with contributory affiliation to local charity programs supporting women’s skill development projects, orphanages, wildlife protection, schools and many more.

We still need help to manifest this project, from every corner of the world, from anyone willing to help contribute in raising consciousness across the planet.

We already have on board tantra and yoga teachers, breath work facilitators, skilled construction workers, vegan chefs, book keepers and many other volunteers of varying capacities but we need more; we need ideas, visions, wisdom, experience, and voices.

I call out to those who may be called to get involved in helping raise funds and exposure for this project, to form a community of light workers and healers, for those ready to increase their own light, so to offer a space for humanity to rise in Love frequency.

Please help us to spread the message, share this post with anyone you think may be interested in contribution, or in discovering the amazing world go the Himalayas.

The website is almost ready to go live and the link will be posted very soon.

Attached is the first post for those who do not yet know of this project, with the details on the programs available for volunteering.

We need your help, in whatever capacity available, we need your Love for humanity, we need your healing to help heal others, we need you to help us build a community of Love frequency in the himalayas.

Please message me for more information, no question too great or simple….

Much Love and gratitude