What is conscious breathing?

So picture this… you wake up in the morning, you flutter your eyes open and for a short moment, you need to adjust your awakening conscious state between dream and what your brain interprets in what you see. (I call this the daily rebirth).

The energetic “charge” of your dreams has a tendency to still remain deeply attached in the moments to come, and will likely set a tone to your general satellite (background) emotions for the day; the continuation of the inner works on yourself while your body rested.

Next comes the busy mind, full of plans, targets and relentless bouncing between past memory imprints and mental future anticipation…This triggers the mind/body reactivity process, the pancreas comes into full activity, launching hormones throughout the body and the habitual chaos begins….goooood morning !!!!!!

In all this, a repetitive daily routine may add to a complete autopilot state of absolute unconscious movement, all the way from opening your eyes, to arriving at the office, or wherever the destination.

Ok, so let’s recap… As we awaken every morning, we cannot help what the day’s general overall feeling tone will be, as it is what it is in its necessity to challenge us in continuation to our evolutionary stages. The challenge is to live it, experience it and transcend it to the next level, all in the while retaining some degree of detachment….and conscious presence; the key to the transcendence of unconscious chaotic existence….but that,  will require some hefty mental and physical presence!

So, what is conscious breathing???

To achieve this almost-miraculous process, the breath is what halts the repetitive mindless routine in its tracks.

The breath has the capacity to either feed mindless thought patterns, if unconsciously allowed, or to ground our awareness into the body, therefore anchoring your mind into the moment and the activities involved.

So the first step here is to become aware, upon waking up, of the “charge” carried inside the body. To achieve this deeply and fully, take a few slow deep breaths, become aware of your body completely before the mind has a chance to enter its daily erratic flow and completely obscure any discernment of what is your energy, or that of others throughout the day.

As the body is the transmitter, receiver of all the information stored inside you, it is now on a conscious level that YOU OBSERVE how you feel and therefore set the conscious frequency for the day, recalibrating the quality of your interactions, actions and transformation.

The breath really is the bridge between conscious and unconscious living.

This is a practice that holds the same power in any moment throughout the day… body awareness and breath combined anchors us into the moment.

This practice partakes in your liberation from daily dense living, alters neurochemical reactions through the brain and opens to equanimity with life…reality transforms.