Transformational Breath Introduction workshop 

When was the last time you truly took a deep breath? We can survive weeks without food, days without water but just a few minutes without oxygen. Breathing is the most important, yet the most unconscious thing we do. What if I told you that bringing the unconscious to the surface with learning how to control your breath equally teaches you how to navigate through emotional loops, old patterns and ego-driven reactivity? What if I told you that a simple breath can bring you complete presence, holistic health and peaceful mental clarity, allowing you to create the life you desire?  This Breath workshop shows you how.

In this two day intensive workshop, you’ll go on a journey through your body using the breath as a tool to first access and later regulate your emotions, traumas and triggers. Exploring the breath as a bridge in between body and mind, the major influence on our nervous system and as access to our emotions, allows you to tap into your full potential.

Discover the science behind Breathwork: the connection of breath, stress, nervous system and mind, coming first from an anatomical and later from a psychological approach leading to a deeper spiritual understanding of how our emotional experience is tightly tied to the way we breathe. We playfully explore the relationship in between conscious thoughts and conscious breathing, connecting with our body to reach a point of blissful, empowered embodiment.

With Breathwork, you will not only escape chronic illnesses but improve sleep quaintly, concentration, sexual activity, general health and energy level to expand your body mind connection but also get the chance to tap deeper into your emotions hidden in between shallow breath and tensed up posture. 

Use the breath to slow down, settle and calm your nervous, so your body steps back into the natural cycle of its very own healing power to be calmer and more focused, mastering your emotions with simple tools to gain back full control over your life. 

Drop us a message via if you feel the call to join this breath workshop or dive deep into the whole aspect of mind, body and breath on our Nepal retreat!