Conscious Living Breath Awareness Himalayan Trek Feb / March 2024


All-inclusive Yoga trek in Nepal

22nd February 2024

and 3rd March 2024

Seeking more peace, more self-love, more joy, and energy?

Treat yourself with our all-inclusive Yoga trek in Nepal with daily meditation, Breathwork, and movement whilst exploring the nature of the Himalayas. Enjoy daily workshops on the topics of self-love, creating your reality, and letting go of destructive past patterns to rise into a higher version of yourself. Let yourself be guided through various spiritual practices whilst trekking the Himalayas and enjoy this exclusive, individual journey back to your true power.

Offering a union of Yoga, Healing Arts, Trekking, we explore the age-old culture of Nepal. Followed by 7 days of trekking, we discover the majestic hills of the Nepali Himalayas on Mardi Himal trek up to 4.500 m. Arriving at our sanctuary site in Gahchok at the foothills of the Annapurna ranges, we experience the daily farm life in a traditional mountain village. All accommodation, transport, meals, workshops, classes, and tours are included.

Come on a journey of self-exploration through the arts of Yoga, Breathwork, and various meditation techniques inspired by age-old teachings infused with modern scientific principles led by our instructors with more than 20+ years of experience in the healing industry.

The programs and discussions on this retreat will help you to explore how to :

– Recognise mental self limiting patterns and rise above self destructive inner dialogues.

– Deal with mental and emotional triggers in a healthy way

– Regulate the nervous system so as to stabilise responses to stressful events using breath work and visualisation meditation techniques

– Efficiently ground mind, body and heart

– Easily incorporate meditation in everyday life

– Practice conscious communication with yourself and others

– Design and incorporate healthy daily routines for deeper emotional stability and overall wellbeing

– Rise into a more self loving existence


General discourses will include the following topics :

 – Breath work techniques in healing modalities

 – Anxiety and depression

– Visualisation and manifestation principles and practices

 – Mental looping

 – Mental and emotional effects on the physiology

 – Heart and brain coherence 

– Gratitude and joy

– Compassion

 – Yoga principles for daily practice

– Quantum field meditation

– Mind recalibration

– Childhood trauma bonds and wounding

– Journalling

– Self awareness and reflection

– Self love

– Self worth

 – Various philosophies including buddhism and spirituality in modern society


Everything falls in place when the heart becomes more settled on its healing journey; self love, stability, inner safety and peace, confidence, joy, empowerment, compassion, honesty, truth, playfulness, kindness, gratitude, abundance, magnetism, affluence, clarity, and so much more become the byproducts of a liberated heart and mind existence.

Our mission is to provide you with the required  knowledge and practical experiences to understand yourself better, to get to know the deeper parts of yourself that need your attention so as to release the aspects of you that no longer reflect who you are today and begin to create your chosen life from a more conscious mind, body and soul capacity.


Will you join us on a 11-day Conscious Living / Breath Awakening journey to the ceiling of our planet?


Contact us at or WhatsApp +61448813280 for more information




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All about the Conscious Living Breath Awareness Himalayan Trek Feb / March 2024.

Will you join us on a 12-day Conscious Living / Breath Awakening journey to the ceiling of our planet?

We take you on a journey of self-exploration through the arts of Yoga, Breathwork, and various meditation techniques inspired by age-old teachings, infused with modern medical and scientific principles.

The majestic environment of the Himalayas offers your senses a journey into the unknown, challenging body and mind along the path.

Learn how to ground yourself and regulate your nervous system to counteract the stress factors of daily life for a more peaceful existence.

Dive deep into the world of meditation, yoga, and breath control to carry a sense of peace wherever you go next.

Offering a union of Yoga, Trekking, and an exploration of the age-old culture of Nepal in Kathmandu, we discover traditions that time itself cannot touch followed by 7 days of trekking the majestic hills of the Nepali Himalayas ending at our sanctuary site in Gahchok at the foothills of the Annapurna ranges

Here is a short summary of our program:

Day 1 -3: Kathmandu

  • Meeting at Yoga center
  • Daily Yoga, meditation, and Breathwork
  • Opening ceremony
  • Visiting Hindu temples
  • Exploring Durbar Square
  • Transfer to Pokhara
  • Walk to World peace pagoda

Day 4 – 10: Mardi Himal Trek

  • Trekking
  • Meditation programs
  • Breath recalibration
  • Sunrise walk to base camp at 4 500 m
  • Transfer to Gahchok

Day 10 – 11: Zenith centre

  • Exploring local village experience
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Buring the past ceremony
  • Walking and swimming at the waterfalls
  • Transfer to Pokhara

Day 11-12: Pokhara

  • Massage
  • Goodbye Dinner
  • Transfer to Kathmandu

Please contact for further information!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

What you’ve paid for:

  • All yoga, meditation and breath work practices
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners & dining
  • All accommodation including tea houses en route
  • All transportation including taxis and coaches
  • Tour and trekking guide for entire journey
  • National park permits and entry fees
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.


  • Inbound and outbound flights into Nepal
  • Travel insurance and other emergencies
  • Entry visa fees
  • Single room accommodation
  • Alcohol
  • Personal shopping
  1. Day1 Welcome to the ceiling of the world

    A little idea on what we will get up to while exploring the ceiling of the world and ourselves in this magical process….


    On day 1 : The meeting point, Lakeside Pokhara

    We gather at OR2K restaurant where we will meet and greet each other so  as to embark on this journey as a family, encounter the Nepali culture and cuisine, and explore the next 11 days in more detail

    On day 2 : Nepali culture exploration

    We begin our day at 630am with a gentle Hatha yoga practice and breath work to awaken our bodies and experience an Ayurvedic practice of nasal cleansing.

    Following is a delicious traditional Nepali vegetarian breakfast.

    The morning is spent exploring the local temples that reflect centuries of culture, dynasties, and religion.

    Lunch time at our favourite vegetarian restaurant OR2K with orientation and information on the coming days in the mountains

    Following lunch is shopping time for the bits and pieces we will need on our trekking adventure followed by free time to shop tp your heart’s content or just simply soak up the Nepali way of life

    In the late afternoon we return to our humble abode and engage in some bonding practices alongside grounding meditation practices

    Evening comes and dinner is served on the lawn, followed by a group meditation

    On day 3 : First day trek Deurali Village 2050m, 5hr walk

    We kickstart our day with a power breakfast in preparation for the first day of ascension after some breathwork and a grounding meditation practice

    After preparing our bags we get picked up by our guide in our 4wd, head over to Kande village where the adventure begins

    Lunch is served on the way with our first glimpse of the Himalayan glaciers

    We reach Deurali village where we rest and indulge in a little Yin yoga and gentle breathwork to enter the body

    Dinner followed by meditation

    On day 4 : Low Camp 3050m, 6hrs walk 9.4kms

    We enter the body a little deeper today with gentle sun salutation, breathwork and contemplation meditation

    A traditional Himalayan mountain breakfast is offered before we get on the trail, ready to experience the vastness of these peaks and our humble presence amongst it all

    Lunch along the way with perhaps a few yaks or buffalos to share the space and nature

    Arrive at Low Camp, rest up before some gentle stretching and deep meditation on this beautiful vessel that carries us everyday

    Dinner and journaling practice, maybe enjoy an open fire to gaze into before resting the body for the night

    On day 5 : High Camp 3900m, 6hrs walk 10kms

    This morning we learn how to breathe according to the altitude and touch into the body with “breath and movement” techniques

    Another wholesome breakfast to fuel the last stretch up to our summit destination

    Lunch along the way with more breath practice before we continue forward

    Yin Yoga becomes our reward when we reach the top, followed by dinner and a discussion on what the program for the next 3 days entails and open discussion on our experiences on the way up

    On day 6 : The work begins. Silence, the fuel of this journey

    The sublime sunrise of the Himalayas is deeply humbling, to say the least, so we gather here in silence and greet this day by honouring this land with our respect, gratitude and presence

    After the opening ceremony we meditate on ourselves, acknowledge the moment by setting our intentions for the next few days and open ourselves to the work ahead

    A gentle breath and movement practice reaches into our bodies as we begin our journey of mind/body communion

    Where we break the fast is where we break the silence and offer ourselves a conscious eating practice

    An hours rest here as this altitude demands that we slow down in our stride and digest our nourishment with attention and love

    The morning’s activities begin with processes of becoming self aware, we introduce breathing techniques to ground our presence and discuss the processes of deep presence

    Before lunch we take ourselves on a conscious walking practice where we learn to tune in to our senses and the body

    Lunch is again a practice of conscious eating and a personal journey so we eat with our fingers, eyes, tongue and explore the aromas offered to us in this meal

    Two hours of free self exploration after lunch to touch base with ourselves, by ourselves

    Mid afternoon offers us a discourse on the nervous system and how the mind and body coexist as creators of our realities 

    We explore how we can become free of attachment to the past and destructive inner dialogues as well as various meditation techniques for mind recalibration and emotional imprint release in the body

    Dinner is optional here as we recommend offering the body space to enter the next day’s morning meditation with an empty stomach

    Group meditation ends our first day and back into the silence we go

    On day 7: Deeper we go, new choices to lock in

    Morning contemplation on the previous day’s work with a hot lemon tea begins our day, a gentle breath practice to ground us into the flow of our activities

    We enter heart coherence meditation techniques where we explore the subtle dynamics between emotions and energy fluxes in our physiology before settling down to another conscious eating breakfast and the breaking of silence

    Free time to share with our family or just simply integrate our work

    Before lunch we get paper and pen out and we spend an hour dissecting our personal stories and pick aspects of ourselves we would like to recreate; a stepping stone into a life long practice of self awareness and new creation

    After lunch we rest a little and ready ourselves for some deep work on mind recalibration processes

    For around 1 hour we discuss and try the meditations that will consume the rest of the afternoon, and off into our subconscious we go

    Dinner is served, followed by Q&A on the practice

    Early to bed tonight as tomorrow holds a big adventure and mind blowing sights that will be imprinted for ever

    On day 8 : Morning glory

    3-30am, rise and shine

    Today we walk to 5000m for a sunrise meditation that will be remembered for times to come

    Breakfast is served on the view point followed by bonding games and activities

    We walk back down and have lunch at High Camp and take the rest of the day to relax and recuperate 

    We meet late afternoon and enter an elaborated meditation practice on mind rewiring practice

    Dinner is on, rest and early night from a big day

    On day 9 : Zenith Sanctuary exploration

    Wake up with the sun and gentle Yin yoga followed by meditation and breakfast

    Start descent towards Siding Village where jeeps wait to take us in to the Zenith Sanctuary land after a nourishing lunch

    Check in to our affiliate partner hotel “Mon village” where we sit in comfort for a 

    discourse on the Zenith projects and an exploration of the village life and culture

    The traditional Nepali dish “Dhal Bat” is served where we discover how to eat with our fingers the way it has been done here for millennia 

    Dinner around the fire and “burning of the past” followed by open sharing of our adventure

    On day 10 : The next chapter begins

    Wake up when the sun is shining on the peaks, breakfast follows breath work and some meditation

    Waterfalls, walk through the rice fields and maybe offer a little help in planting the next season’s rice harvest 

    Lunch is served once again before we pack up our bags and get ready to head back to Pokhara where a well earned massage awaits us

    Afternoon is free for shopping and explorations

    Dinner at OR2K with lake views and reflections on the adventure

    Evening is free to explore the night life in Pokhara if inclined


Hotels, Tea Houses and Lodges

All hotels have been handpicked so as to provide both comfort and easy access to all activities.

Upon our arrival in Kathmandu we stay at the Himalayan Yoga Academy, our affiliate partner on our adventures in Nepal where the entire is reserved for us during our time in the capital.

In Pokhara City we stay with another affiliate partner looking over the Lake Fewa shores and a short stroll along the lake to the centre.

During the trekking ascension we stay in lodges that have been providing trekkers and local villagers with shelter and food for decades, even some for centuries.

As we reach the top of the mountain we settle at our own lodge where silence and comfort has been carefully designed for us to enter the work.

As we head back down to the Zenith Sanctuary site we stay with yet another affiliate partner in the village of Ghachok and we enjoy the typical farming village life for a couple of days.


Please note : All accomodation during the trip is based on twin share and shared bathrooms although some places may offer single rooms at times.


The food along the trails is vegetarian with vegan options. Sorry, no meat dishes or alcohol will be included on this adventure.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
What is included on the journey.....
  • All yoga, meditation and breath work practices
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners & dining
  • All accommodation including tea houses en route
  • All transportation including taxis and coaches
  • Tour and trekking guide for entire journey
  • National park permits and entry fees
What is not covered on the journey....Enter your subtitle here
  • Entry visa to Nepal
  • Single room accomodation
  • Trekking equipment purchases
  •  Personal spending money
  • Flight tickets in and out of nepal
  • Alcohol or extra meals
  • Internet access during the 11 day program
  • Travel insurance


Most nationalities can get 15, 30 or 90 day visa on arrival at the airport for an entry fee of USD 30 , 50 and 125. (We recommend you bring USD, or EURO for the visa payment as Nepali Rupees are not accepted at the counter)

However, if you apply in your home country for a Nepali tourist visa you can avoid the queues at the airport. Try this page here for online visa application.

Tourist visas can be extended for a total of 150 days in one calendar year in Nepal although extensions can only be done online within Nepal via the official Nepal immigration website prior to attending a physical immigration office within Nepal.

At this stage you will need to show an insurance certificate that covers COVID and a hotel reservation (We provide this) as well as a PCR test (max 72hrs prior to arrival)

Bring a few spare passport photos with you (trek permit and local sim card) and make sure to scan/photo and print all important documents like passport, visa (if applied from home), extra ID, travel insurance, medical info (in case of emergency) etc



Even though this trekking route is graded a 7 out of 10 in difficulty, we have carefully planned the itinerary so that we have a buffer period of 3 hours each day on the expected time required to complete each part of the journey.

Reasonable fitness is required though so if you struggle  walk 10 kms in the forest, one of our lower altitude treks may be more suitable for you at this stage.

Altitude sickness is a big question as well, although it rarely happens it is an issue we take very seriously.

Less than 1% of trekkers in the Annapurna region get to experience the symptoms severely and from personal experience mild symptoms usually subside very quickly with adequate rest and breathing practice.

In case of anyone finding the trek too much to handle, we have plenty of back up plans for accomodation or transport down the mountain with a guide to escort each person back to the hotel in Pokhara centre.

We do recommend that anyone joining us should consider engaging in some daily power walking practice a few weeks before arriving in Nepal just to give the lungs a little training and warning to the adventure coming up although we have, to this day, never had anyone turn around once on this magical nature trail.

Although all the trekking equipment is available in Pokhara, some of us do have our own gear that feel like home so let’s look at int from this angle :

All equipment available in Nepal are basically knock offs from all the big greedy companies that grossly overprice their products….but we normally buy them here at the fraction of the price eg: a Northface -30c down jacket normally priced around 300-400 euros in Europe can purchase in Nepal for around 40 Euro and personally speaking all my gear except my boots have been on numerous treks and the quality in comparison to the “authentic” products go a very long way for competition!

After each trek we usually donate a lot of these clothes to local orphanages and women’s empowerment programs that generally run on donation basis so we recirculate our adventure by giving back into the community.

So if this calls you, anything from pants, thermal underwear, socks, wind proof clothing, jackets etc can be purchased for a good cause.

Here is a typical list of items you will need on the trek

  • Shorts
  • Trekking pants
  • T-shirts – Lightweight, quick-drying
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Fleece
  • Rain jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Socks
  • Backpack – With a good waist and chest belt; a light one should be enough (e.g. 35 liters capacity)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Water – 1L bottle should be enough. You can refill  in tea houses along the way (bring quality electrolyte tablets)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat


    • Trekking pole(s)
    • Small first-aid kit – Band-Aids, Diamox (for altitude sickness), antiseptic cream
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Toilet Paper – Which you can buy along the way
    • Quick-dry towel
    • Soap / Shampoo
    • Flashlight / Headlight – A headlight is handy at night, especially since electricity comes and goes pretty often
    • Dust mask – For dusty sections of the trail
    • Camera
    • Sleeping bag liner
    • Trail food like its and dried fruit

I usually pack light and clean the days wear everyday, saving having to lug extra kilos on the ascension part….


Each guide that lead the way for us are senior first aid trained (as am I) and carry a satellite telephone just in case of extreme emergencies or very rare cases requiring helicopter evacuation.

We carry altitude sickness medicine as well as first aid kits on each trek although the worse we have had to treat so far were blisters from new boots!

Even though we do cover all the basic costs during the entire 11 days, Nepal has myriad of beautiful gifts and art to bring back home at low cost and if you are staying longer than the 11 days with us, the big currencies exchanged for Nepali Rupees will surely save you money on the many bank and ATM fees for withdrawal. (Exchange rates are usually very close to the day stock market rate)

So, if you are staying on, I would recommend a budget of at least USD 50-60 per day living comfortably

Overall Rating
Reviewed On 03/10/2022

One of the best experiences I ever had. The mix makes it - I saw the country, trekked the mountains and got to know my own boundaries. Most important, the classes and workshops were fantastic. Such a beautiful style in teachings, the yoga classes were perfectly suited for the moment, the meditations deep an meaningful. I was held by the instructors Katharina And Xavier through the whole experience and can clearly say that my aim to get to know myself better and be more in tune with what I need was definitely met. Thank you so much!!!!