How we see the Future :

“A sanctuary for healers to commune into an amalgamation of all healing arts in a safe and sacred space, a gathering of One tribe.”

The vision grows, synchronicity playing its part; many voices, minds and hearts joining in to the frequency, but we need, would like everyone from all healing arts to join us on this journey, a journey of unity, a sacred space for heart opening and expansion of light.

A place to network into the realms of soul connections, a support network so as to rise into compassion and out of collective suffering, a space to exchange in rising consciousness frequencies and awareness, a space that supports renewed love for self and collective spiritual empowerment.

Based on Fen-Shui and eco design, each sanctuary, once completed will house 60 yogis, healers, students, or teachers, with ample camping land for over 30 more light workers.

Two yoga shalas, 2 seminar rooms each with a capacity of 30 students, 2 industrial kitchens, 4 treatment and massage rooms in the main 2 level shala, one indoor water therapy pool, two meditation rooms for silent retreats, two eating halls plus more is what we aim to build as a standardised structure.

2021 is aimed at joining all minds of all healing arts from around the globe to help us in opening a channel for space holding and in raising funds for the construction of the Balii site which is situated North East in the hills of Amed.

Retreats and festivals in Greece, Bali, Nepal and Costa Rica will be held as fund raisers throughout the second half of 2021, and continue into 2022 with our second Nepal gathering and all proceeds going directly in to the project and construction costs.

In a nutshell, we would like to see back to back workshops and seminars, trainings, retreats and festivals;  any and every healing art made available in one community environment so as to begin opening space for humanity to rise up and out of the “struggle and fight” mentality that currently surrounds the human psyche and collective psychological dysfunction, human mistreatment, global environmental issues, and animal cruelty.

We believe that creating a better functioning, a more compassionate humanity apt for peaceful cohabitation with animals and this planet will depend on our ability to peacefully rise out of the density of the current collective voice and awaken.

We feel that all healing arts each contain a seed of a pure existential truth and a quintessential key to our collective evolution.

Our vision is to create a growing community that combines all the wisdom from these arts into One wisdom, to make this available to all generations and break the loops of delusion, to lift the illusory veils of out dated societal and cultural narratives.

Zenith Sanctuaries are about contribution and service to humanity, in opening and awakening the humble and vulnerable heart of a race and dissolving the walls of separation.

To create this vision we need your input, your minds and hearts, your love and courage, your fearless voice, your visions and intelligence, your soul and light, your power and purpose.

This space is not based on profit margins, but rather on opening the heart and eyes of humanity, to witness the power of compassion driven unity and equality, to once again feel the common trust that strives to thrive, to teach our children to rise into an existence of emotional intelligence, transcend a current fear based and reactive narrative and rise beyond cruelty, violence, emotional and psychological self destruction.

We are hoping to reach as many souls out there through you, so as to help this project evolve; a massive gathering to mark the beginning of our community.