Conscious living in majestic surroundings

Perched on the foothills of the Annapurna ranges, Zenith Sanctuary is surrounded by majestic glacier peaks, jungles, rainforests, rivers, thermal pools, a flaura and fauna to tantalise all the senses.


The sanctuary is currently under construction using entirely natural materials, ranging from rivers stones, local hardwood, and jungle bamboo, with a design based on Feng Shui science and complete eco-living principles ensuring maximum rest and energy recalibration, with as little impact on the environment as possible.
The reverse osmosis filtering systems ensure the cleanest of drinking water availability, along with organic sceptic systems and solar panelling to power the site.

Designed to host 30+ guests, accommodation is designed to suit all budgets, from private bangalow space to private rooms, shared dormitory, and equally camping options. (look out for volunteering program rates coming soon!)

Armed with a large parcel of land allocated to organic farming and permaculture workshops, the sanctuary dedicates its efforts to providing the freshest foods to suit all culinary requirements.
Ayurvedic, vegan, raw and vegetarian options are available, no animal flesh, sorry.

Morning and evening Yoga and Pranayama
Group Meditation
Conscious day treks
Open discussion groups

Much of this program is still under construction and will evolve with new members joining.